I’m giving them everything I have, but it doesn’t feel like what they need most right now

I hate being bad at this.

I hate being bad at this, but I’m doing it often enough that I have my own “losing my shit” checklist. It goes like this:

  • Snap at the little stuff, stuff I would normally laugh off or coach through.
  • Threaten to teach from textbooks…

The 8th graders in front of me, the names I’m trying desperately to attach to a few inches of visible face, have not opened lockers since the winter of their 6th grade year.

On day one, I looked out at those faces, not knowing them at all, not knowing what…

My summer didn’t start great, if I’m honest, and I’m going to try my best to be honest.

Less than 24 hours after the last day of the worst ever year of teaching, I was sitting with this guy I’ve known forever. He was telling me that in his building…

I met Clinton in my first year of teaching. He was a fourth grader, and small for a fourth grader, and also the only fourth grader that showed up on the first day of Chess Club. I really didn’t know that much about chess, but I knew even less about…

Everyone Seems So Sure About What We Read and How. I’ve Got Questions about Why.

The longer I go without being able to go anywhere or do anything, the more Twitter starts feeling like my real life. This can’t be good for me. This can’t be good for anyone.


Thomas Rademacher

Author of ‘It Won’t Be Easy.’ and ‘Raising Ollie’ 2014 Minnesota Teacher of the Year. @mrtomrad on everything.

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